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Natural Remedies for Dry and Itchy Skin

Itchy skin can come from chronic dryness, allergies, or from a change in climate. It can also be hereditary or a reaction to detergent, soap, or another type of cleaning agent. Whatever the case, some of the most effective ways to treat dry itchy skin are also some of the most natural ways. (1)

Natural Remedies for Dry Itchy Skin

To heal itchy skin, go with a product (or two) that naturally contains detoxifying properties, cleansing properties, and moisturizing properties. Here are some of the best:

  • Apple cider vinegar helps cleanse the area affected and combats yeast overgrowth such as dandruff or a lingering rash. To use it, pour the vinegar over a cloth and gently rub it over the skin several times a day. You can also use it after showering or bathing. Let it dry and follow with the clay patch below. (1)
  • Bentonite clay is especially helpful to relieve itching and even acne due to the detoxifying properties it contains. It's particularly helpful for healing spider bites and bee stings. To use it, mix the clay with just enough water to make a paste and spread it on a bandage cloth large enough to wrap around the infected area. Leave the wrap on for 4 hours until the clay is completely hard before removing it. Do this several days in a row until the infected area or dry skin patch is gone. (1)
  • Aloe Vera is a common ingredient used to treat mosquito bites, dry skin, and burns since the gel of the plant contains moisturizing and healing properties. To use aloe, break open a leaf and open it with a knife lengthwise from top to bottom. Using a cloth or your hand, scoop out the gel and rub it onto the skin. You may want to cover the area with a bandage cloth to prevent the gel from rubbing off. Leave it on overnight and then remove it the next morning. (1)
  • Oatmeal contains special compounds that relieve inflammation and reduces dryness, redness, and even acne. Mix uncooked oatmeal in a bowl with just enough warm water to make a thick paste, and then puree it in the food processor to make it easier to spread like a mask. Apply it to the skin and let it sit until hardened and then wash it off with a cloth. (1)
  • Coconut oil is a well-known remedy for quickly relieving dry skin and even chronic yeast overgrowth. Rub it directly onto the affected area until dissolved. Repeat daily. (2)
  • Other solutions include castor oil and olive oil.

How About Commercial Products?

When treating itchy skin, be sure not to use chemically based commercial products, which can irritate the skin and leach toxic ingredients into the pores. Most commercial products just mask the symptoms, but never really take care of the problem at hand. In addition, be sure to use a natural soap when showering instead of body gels or soaps made with toxic chemicals and/or preservatives. (3)

Do you use any of these natural remedies in relieving dry skin?

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